Edit Search Query

Used to edit the search query. In this case we are only allowing the search to query for ticket and client post types.



Add Date to Calendar

Set a date event in a standard calendar application. This is for Outlook but the format is nearly identical for other calendar applications.


Clean Characters Array

Wherever you need an array of invalid characters. This is a good place to start.


Get String Between 2 Strings

Could also do a preg_ something if you wanted but this seems easier.

Source: http://tonyspiro.com/using-php-to-get-a-string-between-two-strings/


Build Array of Incremented Characters (A-ZZ)

Builds an alphabetical array from a – ?. Wherever you want to stop I guess.


Split Array Into Chunks

Actually just a PHP function but I just had this code sitting around so tossed it on here.