Various web dev experiments of mine. Listed in no particular order. WARNING: These are all experiments so they are not fully working or styled.

HTML Drag and Drop / Game Board

I wanted to play around the native HTML5 drag and drop to see if I could use it to make something like a Game Board. I also implemented an A* algorithm when dragging the tokens over the game board. The game board can also be painted with colors and textures. Everything built using Vanilla JS, no jQuery or other libraries (except an A* library).


Vue JS Drag and Drop

This is the same thing as above except using the Vue framework. I didn’t get this working like I wanted and I found Vue got in the way of development. Also, since the game board can have MANY dom elements Vue’s Virtual Dom gets bloated really quickly, so I abandoned the Vue version before getting too far.


D&D Toolkit React

D&D toolkit built using React + Redux. Saves the state to local storage so you can save your character. Also, a PWA so you can install it to your home screen. Not fully functional, see the Toolkit Mockup for what was eventual planned functionality.



D&D Toolkit Mockup

A mockup of the D&D app I later turned into the React Toolkit.


Mad City Pen and Paper RPG

A character sheet for a pen and paper RPG I was working on. Nothing technically special about it, but I think it could eventually be a neat Pen & Paper RPG 🙂


Phaser JS Experiments

Phaser is a JS library for creating HTML 5 games. Here are a couple of different experiments I made for testing phaser. Use 1-9 on the keyboard to switch between experiments.