Get X Paragraphs

Sometimes I just¬†want to get X paragraphs from a block of content, usually from a WordPress¬†WYSIWYG. Here is a basic function to do just that. It isn’t a one size fits all solution, but it should work with most blocks of content.

There is a lot of room for more precise filtering and tag stripping if that is required.

Add Button to TinyMCE

The recommended way of doing this is by creating a plugin. That is definitely an option and the same instructions apply.

This post will describe how to setup a basic “Call to Action” button which will put a shortcode into the editor with a title and link (shortcode instructions not included).

To begin you need to setup a couple of actions / filters like so.

Next, you need to setup the functions those actions / filters are calling.

Now we just need to create the Javascript file. This will contain all of the functionality. I am just going to dump the code and let you figure out how it is working.

By now if you check out your WordPress WYSIWYG editor you should already have a functional TinyMCE button of your own!


We have also loaded a CSS file which you can use to edit your plugin styles. There are a couple ways to edit the style of your plugin but feel free to use your favorite method (inline, CSS Style enqueue, or TinyMCE CSS call – see TinyMCE plugin page)

There ya go! Your very own TinyMCE plugin!