Show Taxonomies in Custom Post Type Admin

How did I not post this yet? If you have taxonomies tied to your Custom Post Types then you probably want those taxonomies to show up in the admin listing of those post types. Here is the code needed to do that.

This has been posted on various sites around the web so I cannot take credit for it, but I need it all the time and figured I would stick it here so I can find it easier.

CPT Taxonomy Function

I find myself creating taxonomies for a lot of my custom port types. I went ahead and setup a helper function to make it easier for me to create these taxonomies. A lot more could be done with this, but I find it covers 90% of what I need.


Add Taxonomy Term Programmatically

Recently we had a client who wanted the ability to add new taxonomy terms from the front end of their site. This turned out to be pretty easy using the following code.

Obviously this is just the bare minimum required. You are on your own for validation and such.