Helpful Javascript Prototype Functions

Sometimes the built in functionality for various Javascript primitives is not enough. Here is an assortment of useful Prototype functions. Enjoy!


JS Capitalize a String

Just a simple String prototype to capitalize the first letter of the string.


Convert Form to JS Object

This function will take your entire HTML form and convert all the inputs into a single JS object! Thanks to Dave over at Stack Overflow!

Usage is as simple as:

var formObject= $(‘form’).serializeObject();
Requires jQuery

Javascript Local and Cookie Storage

Just a couple functions to make working with Local Storage and Cookies a little easier.


Javascript Sorting, Summing, and Rounding

I was running into an instance where I needed to be able to sort some arrays in either ASC or DESC order. I found some nice functions to help with that.

Example Usage:


Calculate Age / Date Masking

Javascript is kind of wonky about their dates. Here is a simple function to calculate age based on a given date string.

Note: This is not perfect and does not work with every possible date string, but it works pretty well with all standard US date formats.

Here is some decent code to setup some simple date masking.