Slick Carousel Basic Usage

Slick Carousel is pretty awesome. Not great in every instance but perfect for many. It is also very mobile friendly including swipe events.

Here is some basic setup code to get the slick slider working. This is being used in combination with Woocommerce thumbnails.

Now just initialize this slider somewhere.


PHP: Easy Carousel

Super easy carousel that doesn’t require bootstrap. This type of carousel is used when you need to display 2+ carousel items.

All that is required for this type of carousel is to add n items at the end of your carousel where n = numItems to show at once. Here is some example code:



One important note is that you need to have the callout container extending to a width wide enough to hold all callouts and then do an overflow hidden on the parent container to hide the overflow. That is somewhere in this code.


Now you should have a super simple IE8 compliant n carousel 🙂